Humidifier Services in St. Louis

While your heating system is working hard to keep your family warm during the cold St. Louis winters, it could also be drying out the air in your home and dropping humidity levels to below those necessary for comfort and health. Most experts agree that the optimal humidity levels are between 35% and 50%, and, when indoor climates fall below these benchmarks, it can increase susceptibility to infections, colds, and other respiratory ailments. To combat these effects, installing a humidifier in your home can not only make breathing easier throughout the winter months but also reduce your energy bill by improving the quality of your indoor air.

At Air Pro Heating & Cooling, our fully-trained technicians will professionally install, replace, or repair your humidifier to ensure your home’s humidity levels remain within the ideal range no matter the weather outside. With many models from the industry’s top brands Air Pro Heating & Cooling can manage all of your home’s humidity needs!

Humidifier Repair

When your humidifier breaks, the dry air in your home can lead to cracked skin, sore throats, cold symptoms, and more. At Air Pro Heating & Cooling, our technicians understand that any delay in repairs means your family has to live with poor air quality, so we work quickly to identify the issue with your humidifier and get it back to working perfectly as soon as possible.

Humidifier Installation and Replacement

There are many reasons to install or replace your home’s humidifier, but investing in a new humidifier will ensure your home is supplied with high-quality air and a lower utility bill throughout the winter months. The knowledgeable technicians at Air Pro Heating & Cooling know how to work with a wide variety of humidifiers from the industry’s top brands and we will take care of everything from removal to new installation and testing. With Air Pro Heating & Cooling, you know your home will be comfortable and warm throughout the winter months.

For all of your humidifier needs, let the experts at Air Pro Heating & Cooling help you keep your St. Louis home comfortable and healthy for years to come! Contact us today to set your appointment now.