Surge Protectors for HVAC Systems

What can cause Power Surges?

Lightening strikes are the most common cause of power surges, but many times it can come from inside of your home such as faulty wiring or by the operation of high-powered electrical devices such as refrigerators and air conditioners.

What does the Surge Protector do?

When installed correctly, Surge Protectors protect the furnaces control board and the air conditioners compressor, the main driving factors for each unit. Newer HVAC Systems have much more advanced technology compared to older units and with that the components in these units are more expensive. Typically, these components are not covered under warranty labeled as an “Act of God” (lightening strike) or damage to the equipment if you have faulty wiring, which causes homeowners to dig into their pocket book to get the part replaced.


The AG3000

Connects to the furnace/air handler disconnect to protect high-efficiency furnaces, hydronic heating systems and ductless mini-splits from surges and spikes.

The Compressor Defender™

Designed specifically for central air conditioners and heat pumps, the Compressor Defender™ is the only all-in-one undervoltage and surge power protection device on the HVAC market for central A/C and heat pump condensing units and their associated motors, controls and components – both electronic and mechanical. It installs easily inside the condensing unit or externally on the outdoor A/C disconnect.

Installing a new HVAC System can be a costly investment to many which is why you should protect your HVAC System. Call the experts at Air Pro Heating & Cooling for more information at (314) 391-5900 or schedule an appointment today!